I Have Windows 10 or a SaaS Service Like Microsoft 365, so Don’t Need to Worry About Anti Spam or Malware. Right?
As the title suggests many people feel they are fully secure when using Windows 10 or a cloud solution such as Microsoft Office 365. They make the mistake of thinking, “The software provider must be taking care of security, right?”

However, this false sense of security can lead to companies suffering ransomware and other malware infections that can be devastating. 

While Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 do have multiple security protections, as do other SaaS tools like Salesforce or Google Workspace, these features aren’t automatic. They can’t just jump into action if you have an attack without proper intervention.

56% of cyberattacks are targeted at small businesses, and it is smaller companies that typically have less understanding of their IT security needs in the cloud.

Two Costly Issues Companies Face

Two costly issues that companies must combat to keep their business secure and productive are email spam and malware. The two are often interconnected because phishing is included in other forms of spam and can often be the enabler for a virus or malware attack.

Almost 85% of all email is spam. Those messages fill up user inboxes making it take longer for users to get through email because they must sort the legitimate messages from the advertisements and phishing.

This equates to a cost of employee time and a much higher risk that you’ll fall victim to a malware attack.

Malware like ransomware continues to cost Canadian businesses dearly, as well as those around the world. It’s estimated that ransom demands have increased by over 80% globally in 2020.

The estimated ransomware demand is approximately CAD$186,599 and the average cost of downtime due to a ransomware incident is CAD$332,010.

So, getting your IT security wrong when it comes to Windows and your SaaS tools can be very costly.

Why You Need Help Managing Windows & Cloud Security

At Data First Solutions, we offer expert configuration of anti-spam and anti-malware settings throughout the Microsoft environment as well as in other SaaS tools.

Email in Microsoft 365 and Windows Defender in Windows 10 have strong protections, but they need to be set up and monitored properly.

Here are some of the reasons it is important to work with a security professional for your cloud and Windows security.

Default Settings Won’t Keep You Safe

You can’t rely on an operating system’s or SaaS tool’s default settings to keep your business secured from malware or spam.

Developers have to balance ease of use with security, and often choose default settings that are less protective, assuming that users will configure the security level they need themselves.

So, businesses that are unaware and aren’t working with an IT professional may think a feature they saw in the marketing materials is keeping them safe, then it’s not turned on by default.

Misconfiguration is a Major Cause of Data Breaches

Misconfiguration of security settings, which includes leaving important security turned off, is responsible for a majority of cloud account security breaches.   The top causes of misconfiguration are:

  • Lack of awareness of cloud security policies and settings
  • Lack of oversight of cloud security
  • Too many cloud applications to keep up with
  • Negligent user behavior

Having multiple options for security and spam controls can be a double-edged sword. The options can keep you more secure, but they can also confuse those unfamiliar with security configurations and thus lead to vulnerability through misconfiguration.

Working with an IT security professional that fully understands each setting and the most important ones is crucial. It helps you avoid misconfiguration and ensures settings aren’t accidentally changed by users.

OS and Cloud Features Are Always Being Updated

Operating systems and SaaS tools are continually being updated. This can lead to problems if a security feature has been updated and an administrator needs to update a configuration.

Most smaller companies can’t hire a full-time IT person that knows all network, device, and cloud security controls for multiple SaaS tools. When working with an IT professional, you have the resources and knowledge base of all the members of our team.

We also keep on top of all Windows, Microsoft, and SaaS updates that come through so we can proactively make any needed updates for clients.

Spam Filters Need to Be Trained & Properly Configured

Have you ever turned on a spam filter only to start having a problem with good emails being sent to the spam folder? This is a common complaint of users and why many companies avoid email filtering altogether.

An IT pro understands how to properly train and set up spam filters for your users so you’re not getting frustrated with missed emails. This enables you to enjoy the full protection that email filtering provides for keeping dangerous emails out of user inboxes.

Stay Secure & Productive with Help from Data First Solutions

Data First Solutions can help your business with managed solutions for cloud and device security that will help you avoid unnecessary IT security risks.

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