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Professional IT Solutions

IT Services for Professional Practices In The Greater Toronto Area

From accounting to architectural firms, our professional IT solutions act as an extension of your firm—your inhouse IT department. As we work with your IT, we provide seamless services to keep things running smoothly.

Many people see money as their most valuable asset, and they want to know that the businesses and institutions they trust are protecting their hard-earned revenue. Of course, you want to know that too. With our services, you won’t have to worry about being nickel and dimed or charged for every service call. No matter how complicated the error with your professional services resource management software may be, our services are as flexible as you need them to be, tailored to meet the needs of your firm and we practice transparent pricing. Leave the professional IT solutions to us, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Online systems are convenient, easy, and significantly faster than traditional methods, but many people are skeptical about how well their information is protected. You need to give them assurance and peace of mind, and we can equip you to do that.

While companies try to balance providing high-quality services to keep up with the competition, finding the right managed IT services provider you can trust is essential. With 35 years of industry-leading experience, we've got you covered.

Emergency Response

What happens if your server crashes, your data disappears, or you get hit with ransomware?

System crashes are a legitimate concern, and it’s no wonder; when you consider how many institutions use outdated or legacy resources, whether an obscure professional services resource management software or a PC known for its unreliability, such incidents are alarmingly common. That’s why we will monitor your systems 24/7, and we’ll be alerted immediately if there’s a problem. Even better, with our professional IT solutions we guarantee an emergency response time of one hour or less.

You need a robust backup system in place to ensure the integrity of your records should a disaster ever strike.

Have an urgent need now? Give us a call!



IT Done Right

We have an intimate knowledge of IT systems and will make sure even the little details are done right.

Flexible Costs

Our professional IT solutions are flexible and plans can be customized to fit your firm's unique size and areas of expertise.

Tight Deadlines

We are ready to meet tight deadlines and time-sensitive needs, pulling through when you need it most.

Choose DF?

Monitor Your Security

You think you’re secure, but how do you know? Our ongoing monitoring services allow us to transparently show you what we are doing to safeguard your business. A monthly health check, regular vulnerability scans, and an ongoing employee training program are just some of the ways we work to prove ourselves. Read More

Managed Print

While you’re advising your clients on the best way to become efficient, let us advise you on some of the ways you too can save. We offer a Managed Print service that will give you better use of your printing resources. You’ll spend less time ordering consumables and fixing broken printers and more time helping your clients sign their printed documents. Read More

Backup Valuable Data

Your business can’t afford to lose any of your valuable customers, which means you can’t afford to lose any of their valuable data. When you partner with DF, we’ve got your back! With the backups we keep offsite, we can quickly restore anything you lose. Read More

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