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IT Compliance For PHIPA, PIPEDA, LSO, PCI & ISO For Greater Toronto Area Businesses

There are many complex PHIPA, PIPEDA, PCI, and Legal and IT compliance requirements for managing and protecting today’s business, client, and patient data. Meeting IT compliance requirements isn’t a one-time thing. Self-evaluation and basic risk assessments can only protect you for a limited amount of time. Most of these approaches must be updated regularly to meet changing requirements and ongoing compliance regulations.

As an experienced IT compliance company, we've created the best tool for the job: Data First Protect. DF Protect includes our IT compliance review and assessment service, and we can assist you in identifying, assessing, and simplifying your IT compliance requirements. We work with you to build a plan to remedy any current gaps and exposures while also implementing an ongoing program to ensure you remain compliant.

If you're Concerned, We Can Help

There is now a mandatory breach reporting process. We offer a free Dark Web Scan to see if you have been hit with Ransomware or Malware, and to ensure you protect yourself.

If you’re concerned about your compliance, call us today at 416-412-0574 or email [email protected].

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IT Support


We provide a proven approach to IT compliance across Legal, Health, ISO specs, and Financial industries.

Up-To-Date Documentation

We maintain an up-to-date inventory of your licenses so you never have to scramble for your documentation.

We’re By
Your Side

As your technology requirements evolve, we’ll be by your side to ensure every step is managed optimally.

Technology Assessment

Keeping up With Compliance

If you are tired of navigating the ever-changing IT compliance requirements, you should let DF Solutions handle the difficult IT terrain for you. We stay up to date with the latest changes and will keep you compliance-ready.

DF’s Free Technology Assessment

Our free Technology Assessment will reveal gaps and oversights in your computer network and show you how to eliminate all your IT problems and finish your search for the perfect IT compliance company. We’ll make sure you’re not paying for expensive repairs that you don’t need.

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